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Brand Consultancy Your strategic brand foundation

Brand Consultancy

One thing that the world’s most successful brands have in common is a winning brand strategy. Everything they do and every choice they make - from organisational structure and new product development, to campaign creative and the tone of their messaging - is built upon and rooted in a firm strategic foundation. We work with our clients to help them lay that foundation by identifying who they are, what they stand for and what makes them different.
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Brand Architecture & Hierarchy

Sometimes there is a need to define the relationship between different brands within a company. Defining sister-brands and sub-brands, where they sit and when sectors and product/services are dominant, can be extremely valuable and directional work.

Brand Workshop

Defining the brand strategy should be a collaborative process and driven from within. We design and facilitate workshops to draw out the right conclusions from key stakeholders, using our own easy-to-use brand model, before going back to the ranch to do some extra thinking and craft your strategic brand bible.

Messaging Strategy

As part of the strategic brand work, we would work with you to define your messaging strategy, including variances by type of audience.

Tone of Voice

We devise a relevant, befitting, winning and usable tone of voice for your business.

Brand Positioning Strategy

We help you define your target audience and understand who you are for and what problem you solve.

Brand Value Proposition

This is probably the most crucial area of the brand work, detailing a wider value proposition and then distilling it down to sum up why your target audience should use you.

Brand Strapline

Whilst devising a brand strapline is a creative task, it should be driven by the brand work and closely aligned to your value proposition.

This work then naturally leads to the next stage of the project, defining your Go-To-Market Strategy, Channel Strategy and Content Strategy.

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When it comes to working collaboratively on projects and building new relationships, we find that being approachable is just as important as being creative. If you're interested in talking to us about a project or want to find out more about our agency and what we can do for your business, please use the form below to contact the studio.

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