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Brand Naming

Brand Naming

Brand naming is a strategic and creative task that requires the right specialist brand naming agency. There is a crucial process behind giving your business the right name for long term success.
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We work with trademarking specialists to understand what business naming possibilities are at the outset, as well as ensure all the right steps are taken to protect your new name and identity once created.

Brand naming territories

From the strategic thinking, we develop brand naming territories for the creative brief and we work to populate these with real naming options.

URL searches

Whilst we never want URL availability to shape the name it is a real consideration and as part of the process we carry out, we check for available URLs.

Cost efficient process

Our brand naming services often involve a few people working on it but we undertake the task in ‘rounds’ to avoid it being high cost for you. It is not an exact science but we could arrive at a name we all love at the first attempt.

A brand name that works

A name can’t make a business but it can certainly help it. We will create a stellar name that will help you to be successful.

Creating a visual brand identity

From the name we flow seamlessly into our award-winning brand identity creation process.

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“The launch of Arbor has been a resounding success, due in no small part to the excellent work Salad delivered. Arbor’s customer brand experience is reassuring and conveys high quality. Our staff feel proud to be part of the brand and retention has significantly improved. Salad created a strong and compelling brand, and seeing our customers buying into and feeling a part of it is hugely satisfying.”

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New business enquiries

When it comes to working collaboratively on projects and building new relationships, we find that being approachable is just as important as being creative. If you're interested in talking to us about a project or want to find out more about our agency and what we can do for your business, please use the form below to contact the studio.

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