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Content Marketing Strategy Creating conversations that convert

Content Marketing Strategy

Inbound content marketing strategies are the best way to build a sales and marketing pipeline of quality prospect leads and improve your SEO. Executing this successfully requires three crucial components; a clear understanding of who you’re writing for and what they’re interested in, quality content produced in the right formats and a targeted distribution approach that gets your content in front of the right people. Whilst many still rely on bought mailing lists, trends are changing. This is being accelerated by changes to GDPR.
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Content Audit

Our content marketing services start by auditing your existing content. We’ll be looking at the volume of useful materials, the quality, accessibility, relevance, longevity and potential to shatter long-form pieces into optimised, shareable assets.

Employee Insight

A valuable part of any audit is to talk to the sales and marketing teams who may have had direct feedback on content from your target audiences.

Conversation Research

We need to understand the space in which you want to achieve share of voice and look at alternative information sources such as competitors, industry publishers, media producers, relevant influencers and popular thought-leadership. We need to understand how you can say something differently to achieve cut-through.

Nurture Mapping

Nurture mapping is a critical to ensure sales and marketing departments are aligned. We work with you to review a typical sales cycle and identify how lead scoring can be applied or improved to ensure the content created effectively qualifies leads at each touch-point.

Channel Strategy

Depending on your campaign ambitions, channel strategy can include several different requirements, which is why we treat this as a stand-alone service. Click here to find out more.

Content Marketing Planning Workshop

Our content marketing planning workshop is a short but intensive approach that brings all the tasks above together in an interactive session. It’s a great opportunity to get all the most important knowledge in one room and it’s an effective way to ensure company buy-in and swift implementation.

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Audience Insight

Understanding your audience information needs and content consumption behaviours is crucial to crafting the right strategy. Our content planning process draws on the knowledge held by your in-house teams to identify a list of intelligent need statements. We then plot these against a typical sales cycle to provide a rich picture of their decision-making journey.

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New business enquiries

When it comes to working collaboratively on projects and building new relationships, we find that being approachable is just as important as being creative. If you're interested in talking to us about a project or want to find out more about our agency and what we can do for your business, please use the form below to contact the studio.

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