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Paid Social Advertising Brand awareness and direct response marketing

Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social Media offers a wealth of data insight and targeting options. For example, you can now target audiences on Facebook by age, income, the town they live in, their birthday, the brands they follow, their hobbies, their family members, their recent search behaviours on Google - and so on. Our paid social media services offer entirely new ways to engage with even the most niche audiences. There are now several interactive ways of gaining attention with Facebook contests, Facebook canvas ads, Twitter video content, Instagram suggested posts, LinkedIn sponsored InMails; and if you’re smart.. simple, shareable and topical content that eventually goes viral on its own!
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Paid Social Campaign Setup

We’ll review your marketing objectives and carefully consider the audience we’re seeking to reach. We’ll present you with detailed recommendations for targeting parameters, ad type, media spend and campaign duration before proceeding to campaign build. We can run campaigns across, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and App Stores. We’ll even set up paid social advertising accounts for you, so media spend can then be paid directly to your respective social platforms.

Paid Social Copy Creation

Guided by a collaborative creative brief, we’ll set up your paid social advertising campaigns with carefully considered copy and calls to action. We can even create campaign variations to A/B test different approaches.

Paid Social Management

We offer hands-on paid social media services management. We’ll monitor your campaign performance daily, responding to engagement patterns with responsive budget alterations to optimise results. We’ll also provide you with a detailed monthly report so you can review the results for yourself and consider our ongoing recommendations.

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