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User Experience (UX) The optimal journey for your audiences

User Experience (UX)

We believe that beautiful UX design and effective UX development is always underpinned by great UX research. Whilst we are not exclusively a UX agency, our UX services are as good as any and our intuitive, award-winning digital work is often underpinned by employing the right UX research methodologies.
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Card Sorting

This form of UX research is a simple technique but extremely useful for getting user input early into a project. It can help you refine and verify your Information Architecture (IA) and is simple to prepare and execute.

Eye Movement Tracking

We recruit relevant samples and implement eye tracking software to monitor the focus and motion of a user’s eye when viewing a webpage. This helps us to make informed decisions around design, structure and layout to optimise usability and encourage a desired behaviour flow.

Focus Groups & Usability Testing

Both involve face-to-face time with your user group, to better understand their needs, wants and feelings towards the experience you offer. One focuses more on your users, the other on usability. We help you select the appropriate, balanced approach based on what you’re trying to discover.

Field Studies

Observing users behaving as they would when actually using the product is an extremely powerful type of UX research. The outputs of these field studies provide the deepest insights into user issues and help us shape their solutions.

Remote Usability Testing

Usability testing without having to put people into a lab. In one respect, it is more realistic than field testing as the tests are conducted in the user’s normal environment and this can deliver great results.

Questionnaires & Interviews

Surveying and interviewing the right sample can be an extremely valuable process. These can be directed, non-directed and ethnographic and often uncover user motives and desires.

A/B Testing

This gives the user two or more options to choose between in order to ascertain the optimal design. This can also be employed when the site is live to improve Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

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“In producing the Race Viewer, Salad Creative has not only provided followers a unique and engaging tool to track the fleet’s progress, but one that looks and operates exceptionally well.

The Race Viewer has received over 500,000 page views since launching on 31 August, with users regularly admitting to ‘Race Viewer addiction’.

No matter what device is being used, the Race Viewer is displayed perfectly, allowing our users to keep up to date no matter where they are.

As well as the public interface, Salad Creative has created a platform for our Race Management team to constantly keep track of the fleet, which provides an essential race safety tool during the 11-month long series.”

Trusting great UX designers

We know that sometimes there is simply not the budget to conduct UX research for the design and build process. In that case, you want to use the best UX designers who have learnt from other clients’ projects and can employ their learning and experience on your projects.

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